The Institute believes that environmental and ethical concerns cut across all cultures and societies. Its cross-cultural exchange initiatives, therefore, focus on educating participants on building more ethical and environmentally-aware communities through mutual exchange, collaboration, and dialog on the summit.
Therefore, a central project of the organization is the SEE Learning program, which the organization has begun implementing for schools in the Czech Republic in 2019.



Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning is an innovative education programme developed by Emory University. It provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves.



IEEE shares a deep connection to Mongolia. In May 2006, His Eminence Khamba Lama Gabju Choijamts Demberel, Abbot of Gandan Tegchenling Monastery, was invited by the Czech-Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Buddhist Art Gallery, and the Institute of European-Asian Cooperation to visit the Czech Republic for the first time. During his visit he met Czech Cardinal Vlk and Rabbi Sidon, who was accompanied by the former president of then-IEE Mr. Klečka. 

The ceremonial opening of the Gallery was held on 19 May 2013 in the presence of His Eminence, who is also Head Lama of the Center of Mongolian Buddhists, President of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace, and President of World Buddhist Supreme Conference. The opening was also attended by the former  chairman of senat of parlament of Czech republic Milan Štěch, member of parlament  and formal Minister of Culture Vitěslav Jandak, member of senate Jaroslav Dobrouva. Currently, there is a permanent exhibition of artwork from Mongolia, Tibet, China and Japan in Old Water Tower interiors. On 20 December 2017, half of the collection came under the ownership of the Náprstek Museum in Prague. The Old Water Tower and its adjacent park, the “Garden of Compassion,” became the property of the city of Třeboň.



We are passionate about the preservation of endangered Himalayan culture. We focus on education and cooperation with a local school. Since 2015 we have held two charity auctions in the Czech Republic with support of Linhart Foundation. The financial results of US$23,379 from both auctions covered the costs for several programmes, including a math and science laboratory, an art classroom, the restoration of buildings in critical condition, the purchase of blankets and bicycles, and the restoration of traditional musical instruments. The next auction is planned to be held in 2020. For further information please see our updates on our website.